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Support Services

Logis-Tech proudly provides specialized support services that encompass all acquisition logistics requirements, DOD wide. Acquisition Logistics support disciplines include Program Management, Finance, Budgeting, Engineering, and Logistics. While utilizing DoD policies, procedures, and directives, we work closely with our clients and industry to create a system of quality services in order to have a positive impact on design, development, integration, and sustainment for projects and programs in use by our Warfighters today and in the future.


U.S. Navy

Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division (NSWC Crane) - Platform and Launch Systems Division (GXP), the Polymer Engineering and Underwater Sensor Branch (GXPS), and the Logistics Branch (GXPQ)

Under this five-year indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract, Logis-Tech supports Prime Contractor, Alion, with providing a full spectrum of logistic and technical services to two branches within GXP: Polymer Engineering and Underwater Sensor Branch (GXPS) and Logistics Branch (GXPQ). Work will include software and design engineering, acquisition, development, production, test and evaluation, integrated logistics support, reliability, maintenance and sustainment functions for a variety of Navy platforms, launch and missile systems, undersea sensors and polymer engineered products.


U.S. Marine Corps

Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC), Program Manager for Ammunition (PM AMMO), Ammunition Programs & Budget Division (AP&BD)

Logis-Tech provides ongoing planning and management support for the Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC), Program Manager for Ammunition (PM AMMO), Ammunition Programs & Budget Division (AP&BD) for the maintenance and upgrade of ammunition and explosives in the current inventory and support in cataloging ammunition items for Marine Corps use. Annually, AP&BD is responsible for the maintenance and upgrading of over 300 different types of ammunition as part of the Marine Corps’ on-going efforts to provide the highest quality ammunition to the OPFORs. Logis-Tech provides long term planning and coordination with Army Ammunition Depots where most of the maintenance is completed. Logis-Tech provides flexibility and a vigorous ability to react to rapidly changing requirements and urgent efforts necessary to provide the war-fighter with the right material at the highest quality and reliability.

Global Combat Support Services – Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) Sustainment Training Curriculum Development and Instructional Support

Logis-Tech provides training and logistics support to the Global Combat Support System – Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) Sustainment Training effort, by developing and delivering GCSS-MC sustainment training for the Marine Corps operating forces. We provide qualified Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) Curriculum Developers and Mobile Training Suite Instructors for the development and delivery of GCSS-MC sustainment training. Efforts include creating, planning for, and delivering sustainment training for GCSS-MC Users. The outcome of this continued effort sets the groundwork for the Marine Expeditionary Force(s) (MEFs) GCSS-MC sustainment training package at the MEF Materiel Readiness Training Center(s) (MRTCs), by ensuring that MEF Marines have the required training to be fully mission capable of executing assigned logistics related Mission Essential Tasks (METs) in execution as the MEF’s crisis and contingency response force.

Global Combat Support Services – Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) Item Unique Identification (IUID) Project Support

Logis-Tech provided Program Management expertise to coordinate and support GCSS-MC IUID initiatives; including POM, engineering and logistics tasks, communications planning and execution, risk management and reporting, program planning and scheduling tasks, and acquisition documentation development. We provided program documentation and liaison support for technical, logistics and acquisition milestones, which include an Acquisition Strategy, Acquisition Plan, and other required Milestone Decision Documents required for IUID designation as a POR. In doing so, we conducted Integrated Product Team (IPT) discussions with stakeholders and provide representation of program office equities in technical and leadership/administrative areas and ensure that all meeting minutes are accurately captured. Additionally, we provided technical support for the development and update of the POM Initiative Builder (PIB) used to establish a baseline of core and above core funding requirements, and support coordination with CD&I and the PM Ground Combat Systems staff on proposed courses of action. Provide technical and administrative support for the development and coordination of strategies for POM activities.

Global Combat Support Services – Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) Subject Matter Expertise (SME) Augmentation Support

Logis-Tech provided comprehensive Subject Matter Expertise Augmentation Support to Global Combat Support System – Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) Program Office for over 6 years, and specific areas of expertise included USMC Supply, Maintenance, Finance, and Systems Administration Legacy Systems knowledge. Support consisted of expert technical management, logistics expertise, implementation and administration support to augment the Marine SME functional and technical teams working with software integrator in collaborative activities.

Manpower and Training Analysis and Plan Development – Marine Corps Systems Command: MAGTF Secondary Imagery Dissemination System (MSIDS), Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps (GCSS-MC), Emergency Response System (ERS), & Autonomic Logistics

Logis-Tech provided technical and administrative assistance to the Program Manager for MSIDS to support the MSIDS equipment refresh, which includes identifying the correct mix of operator and maintainer manpower and developing a cost effective and efficient life-cycle training system. Logis-Tech analyzed the impact of MSIDS on the operating forces and developed a Manpower Personnel & Training Analysis (MP&TA) report that provided objective data and included the recommended COAs for the MP&T Integrated Product Team (IPT) to use as input in the development of the MP&T Plans (MP & TPs). Logis-Tech utilized a human performance improvement (HPI) approach to manpower and training – the HPI approach to manpower and training uses modern techniques to match human capabilities to performance goals and create innovative learning solutions. Logis-Tech performed task analysis and utilized manpower modeling and simulation software in order to provide a foundation for estimating and ensure manpower and personnel requirements are optimal to support mission requirements. Specifically, Logis-Tech completed analyses on Principle End Item (PEI) Baseline Comparison Systems (BCS) identifying variances between current and emerging operator, maintainer and support personnel manpower and Total Force Structure requirements to include current job skill sets. Logis-Tech documented MSIDS data, collected workload assessments/manpower modeling, estimated manpower requirements, conducted training requirements analysis, including providing recommendations for New Equipment Training (NET)/ Instructor Key Personnel (I&KP) training, and formal school and sustainment training requirements with Training and Education Command (TECOM).

Public Affairs Systems Acquisition and Logistics Support

Logis-Tech provided engineering, technical, analytical, acquisition, logistics, and managerial support for PA efforts. The PM’s assigned mission includes the responsibility for life cycle management of PA systems and equipment for supporting wartime efforts of the Operating Forces and the supporting establishments. Additionally, Logis-Tech provided general programmatic support (e.g., milestone preparation, report/briefing development, IPT participation, DoD 5000 documentation, etc.) will be required throughout the period of performance for each of the principal systems. Logis-Tech rapidly responded to changes associated with performance, such as those resulting from new program or system requirements, accelerated fielding requirements, or the need to support immediate improvements to fielded equipment. PM Intel, MARCORSYSCOM, acts as the central acquisition agent equipping and sustaining the Operating Forces with Public Affairs Equipment (PAE) Systems to accomplish the Public Affairs’ functions of acquiring, cataloging, archiving, retrieving, disseminating, transmitting and reproducing imagery, in response to worldwide crises, contingencies, exercises, and wartime operations across multiple mediums/formats/missions.


U.S. Army

Product Manager Office Assured Mobility Systems (PM-AMS) – Fielding Support through Logistics Planning and Coordination to support Fielding of the Vehicle Mounted Mine Detection (VMMD) System.

Logis-Tech provides logistics specialist support for 30T crane and crane operator services at multiple locations, in various states and OCONUS locations. Support includes coordinating the crane efforts for each location site, contracting the crane/operator company services and serves as the single point of contact for all crane efforts. In performing work under this contract on a Government installation, Logis-Tech complies with local military installation, city, state and federal laws, regulations and ordinances pertinent to performance of the contractual services.

Controlled Humidity Protection (CHP) Efforts

As a prime contractor for dehumidification services, Logis-Tech has conducted on-site installations and operations at 96 military installations in 45 states and 15 international locations. To date, Logis-Tech has installed over 2150 dehumidification systems and provides worldwide service support 24/7.

Logis-Tech provides turnkey Controlled Humidity Protection (CHP) applications to include a Total Package Fielding hand-off. The CHP program consists of dehumidification of existing structures and/or equipment, or procurement of complete turnkey applications, to include shelters (if required), through acquisition and installation of Controlled Humidity (CH) applications and associated components to preserve items of Government equipment on hand. These services are for the placement of equipment into a controlled humidity environment in order to maintain operational status and prolong the lifespan of the equipment, while at the same time reducing the maintenance backlog. Contractor support is also required for a minimum of one year following application installation/rehabilitation for application sustainment, assessment, and product improvement changes to ensure the Government obtains optimum application performance. Logis-Tech’s comprehensive maintenance operation provides Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) to the ARNG program for site support. The program involves a full spectrum of logistic functions including, equipment management, equipment maintenance, supply chain management, and support vehicle planning, usage and maintenance necessary to ensure maintenance operations are completed in timely and efficient manner at the best value to the customer. System tracking and performance is accomplished through a web-based program which monitors the environmental and equipment condition at each site. Notification of “out of limits” conditions or other machine maintenance problems are provided automatically to the Project Manager who is responsible for assessing the problem and ensuring a prompt resolution. Cost avoidance to date has exceeded $1.2B.

Logis-Tech’s Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) program is an integrated support operation consisting of two key elements. First, there is the Field Service Network which is a network of trained professionals responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the Environment Stabilization Systems (ESS) in the CLS Program. The Field Service Network is sub-divided into three distinct elements: the Senior Field Service Support Staff, Regional Technicians and the Site Representatives. Our field service organization effectively sustains the Controlled Humidity Protection (CHP) systems without adding to the customer’s current maintenance workload. This allows the customer to release critical manpower assets to meet critical readiness requirements. Second, there is the Management Automated Reporting System (MARS). This system is subdivided into two key elements, the GuardianTM software system and the on-site data acquisition and control systems. Together, these components provide the electronic eyes into the on-going operation of each CHP system twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. These systems are an important line of defense in sustaining all CHP operations at the highest possible level in the most cost-effective, best-value manner. MARS collects thousands of critical data points on system performance and maintainability allowing our technicians to properly identify and resolve performance issues in a systematic and efficient manner. MARS automatically analyzes and reports the performance status of each CHP system via the internet and serves as the initiator of corrective maintenance actions by automatically alerting the Field Service Staff of potential system malfunctions. Currently Logis-Tech maintains over 2150 CHP systems worldwide providing our customers in excess of 98% availability of their CHP systems.


U.S. Army

Logis-Tech provided six (6) Mobile Dehumidification Units (MDU’s) MDU-300 scfm mobile dehumidification units (MDUs) mounted on mobile carts and positioned on the aircraft flight line to provide dehumidified air to C-12 aircraft with aircraft ancillary equipment, technical manuals, extended spares and training support. These units will primarily support the C-12’s in high humidity areas such as Djibouti, Puerto Rico, Egypt, Korea and Kuwait.


U.S. Army National Guard

Logis-Tech constructed three (3) new dehumidified parts storage structures inside existing Buildings 111, 113, and 205 and converted IVO Building 1020, WAAF into an independent, free-standing dehumidified storage shelter. Air distribution ducting was erected to maximize the rapid dispersion of conditioned dry air throughout the storage space. The humidity in each structure is being controlled by a separate humidistat with integrated monitoring capability.

Logis-Tech provided installation/integration of controlled humidity preservation (CHP) applications in Texas, South Carolina, Hawaii, Kansas, Washington, Pennsylvania, Maine and Guam for new shelters, existing shelters and operational preservation systems in support of National Guard Bureau (NGB) CHP program. Logis-Tech delivered, installed, and provided start-up of fifty (50) dehumidifiers ranging in sizes from 150 SCFM to 1,150 SCFM. User training was provided and encompassed equipment start-up, operation and maintenance.


U.S. Marine Corps

Logis-Tech provided installation/integration of controlled humidity preservation (CHP) applications for new shelters, existing shelters and operational preservation systems in support of the United States Marine Corps Air Ground Museum at Marine Corps Base, Quantico, VA. As part of this task order, Logis-Tech delivered, installed, and provided start-up of three (3) dehumidifiers ranging in sizes from 1,150 SCFM to 3,000 SCFM. User training was provided and encompassed equipment start-up, operation and maintenance.

Logis-Tech provided two turn-key Controlled Humidity Protection (CHP) Systems; (1) Two each 4,900 Sq. Ft. Pre-engineered Buildings, (2) Two each Air Dehydration Unit (600 SCFM) that are compatible with existing CHP systems currently in place at Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan. Each CHP system consists of an Interim Re-locatable Facility (IRF) Pre-engineered Building (PEB) and an Environment Stabilization System (ESS®). The systems included all site design, site preparation, shelter erection, system installation and warranty support.

Logis-Tech provided Installation/integration of controlled humidity preservation (CHP) operational preservation systems in support of the United States Marine Corps CHP program for the Light Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle (LAV) Program Office. As part of this task order, Logis-Tech delivered, installed, and provided start-up of fifteen (15) dehumidifiers ranging in sizes from 300 SCFM to 600 SCFM at Marine Corps Base (MCB), Camp Pendleton, CA; MCB Camp Lejeune, NC; Camp Williams, UT; Camp Fuji, Japan and Camp Schwab, Okinawa. User training was provided and encompassed equipment start-up, operation and maintenance.


Air National Guard

Logis-Tech provided Hawaii Air National Guard (HIANG) eighteen (18) 300 scfm mobile dehumidification units (MDUs) mounted on mobile carts and positioned on the aircraft flight line to provide dehumidified air to F-15 aircraft, a 7,000 sq. ft. MLTP tension fabric shelter with 1150 scfm ADhE that provides protection for F-15 aerospace ground equipment (AGE), the conversion of the F-15 Avionics Intermediate Shop (AIS) with the integration of a 750 scfm ADhE to the existing HVAC system to provide dehumidification to the test bench/repair area, three (3) MLTP tension fabric shelters installed in an existing building to protect KC-135 AGE, and nine (9) 750 scfm mobile dehumidification units (MDUs) mounted on mobile carts and positioned on the aircraft flight line to provide cooled, dehumidified air to KC-135 aircraft. All projects are located on the island of Oahu at Hickam Air Force Base (AFB).


U.S. Coast Guard

Logis-Tech provided U. S. Coast Guard with turn-key Mobile Controlled Humidity Preservation (MCHP) Applications for the HH-65, HH-60, HC-130 and HU-25 operational aircraft at twenty-six (26) individual Air Stations. MCHP equipment consisted of Mobile Dehumidification Units (MDUs); seventy-seven (77) MDU-300 Square Cubic Feet per Minute (SCFM) Air Dehydration Equipment (ADhE) Electric, Aircraft carts and nine (9) MDU-750 Square Cubic Feet per Minute (SCFM) Air Dehydration Equipment (ADhE) Electric, Aircraft carts with Pre-Cooler.


Self Storage

Logis-Tech has provided the Self Storage industry in California, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, and Virginia with a total of one hundred forty (140) turn-key dehumidification units.





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