Military and Aerospace: Increase Combat Readiness and Decrease Costs with Environmental Control

The environment that a piece of equipment, whether an inexpensive part or a multi-million-dollar aircraft and everything in-between, directly impacts that item.  The wrong conditions have a measurable detrimental effect on readiness, quality, maintenance costs, lifespan and safety.


Civilian or Military, your assets need to be available when needed, a Logis-Tech, inc (LTi) Environmental Stabilization System (ESS®) or True Climate Control (TCC™) system will increase readiness, reduce failures and decrease maintenance costs. 


LTi has a range of solutions to protect your equipment. Our systems will protect a hangar full of aircraft or a motor pool lot full of armored vehicles. Whether it is one aircraft positioned on the flight line or a shelter with hundreds of vehicles or shelves of combat gear we have you covered.


Combat Corrosion = Combat Readiness

Defense and Aerospace Industries that benefit from a Controlled Environment:



Industry Not Listed, but have still Humidity Issues?

We would love to talk with you and understand your situation. We can work with you and your budget to conquer your moisture problems.

For questions or more information about controlling humidity for your application, please contact us:

















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