Controlling Humidity Means ...

     ...satisfied customers which leads to even more happy customers.


Uncontrolled humidity will destroy your customer's belongings over time.  Mold, Mildew, Corrosion and Pest Infestations thrive under humid conditions.  Driving temperatures below 70 degrees, even to 65 degrees, will not stop these issues, but will waste a lot of dollars on energy! ONLY driving the Relative Humidity (RH) below 50% will stop these problems. 


HVAC only handles one half of this CLIMATE equation effectively.


CLIMATE = Temperature + Atmospheric Moisture


Logis-Tech's True Climate Control™ (TCC™) and Environment Stabilization Systems (ESS®) are built to control your real climate conditions and requirements.



The growth of climate controlled self-storage and warehousing has increased dramatically over the last decade. Demanding and educated clients seek state of the art, top of the line protection for their possessions.  To meet these demands, new facilities are incorporating climate control at the blue print phase and older facilities are being retrofitted to incorporate some sort of environmental protection. An inaccurate assumption is made that Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are all that is needed to protect customer goods, business reputation and to create a market differentiation and competitive advantage.


But to effectively control the climate, you must also control humidity. Many "Climate Controlled" self-storage facilities only control temperature using HVAC, but HVAC alone is inadequate due to the following reasons:

  • Typical refrigerant type air conditioners cannot dry the atmosphere to below 60% humidity during peak ambient conditions.
  • Air conditioning systems generally do not operate in the evening and early morning hours when it is cooler, but the humidity is also at its highest at these times.
  • In winter, the condenser unit of an HVAC system that as a byproduct removes moisture from of the air may not run at all.
  • That using HVAC system to dry the air requires the air conditioner to work overtime. Air Conditioners (AC) are designed to lower the sensible load (temperature)  but not the latent load (moisture). The system must run longer to do both, decreasing AC life, while increasing the monthly electricity bill.


We have all heard the horror stories of mold, mildew and pests ruining a client’s belongings. While legally this may not be your financial liability, this will lead to an extremely dissatisfied customer.  A decade ago this disaffected customer’s potential damage to your reputation was limited to word of mouth. Their dissatisfaction may have reached family, neighbors, friends and co-workers.  A terrible situation for sure, but still limited  to their personal network.


With today’s ever present Social Media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other countless national and local review sites) the damage can have GLOBAL and PERMANENT impact.  Every major search engine now utilizes data from review sites to provide user ratings next to your results.


Humidty Problems Will Kill Your Online Reputation.  REMEMBER JUST ONE NEGATIVE REVIEW can affect all future potential customer’s decision to do business with your facility.


Humidty Problems Will Kill Your Online Reputation. 


High RH can Kill your online reputation

Our True Climate Control™ (TCC™) solutions proactively prevent mold, mildew and pest infestations, reducing the risk of negative reviews and damage claims.

Your Benefit

  • Eliminate Mold, Mildew, Corrosion and Pests
  • Eliminate Condensation on walls, ceilings and floors
  • Eliminate Musty Smells
  • Reduce Damaged Goods Customer Complaints
  • Increase Unit Availability by Reducing Water Damage Remediation
  • Marketing Benefit
  • Increased Rental Rates

Why Logis-Tech?

Logis-Tech's True Climate Control™ (TCC™) and Environment Stabilization Systems (ESS®) are built to control your real climate conditions and requirements. As an experienced systems integrator, we are able to select from the best dehumidifier units, ducting options and controls technology.  We are not tied or contracted to any one vendor, allowing us to tailor YOUR solution to YOUR needs.


We have completed over 70 self-storage facility humidity control installations (over 1.5M ft2) Nationwide utilizing our patented TCC™ and ESS® products.


We have Self Storage  Humidity Control solutions for:

  • New Construction, Retro-Fit Replacement and Augmentation of Existing HVAC Systems.
  • Inside Hallways, Out Door Roll-ups and multi-floor locations.
  • RV and Boats
  • Containers and Pods

Dehumidifiers and Systems



Environment Stabilization Systems®


Rooftop to Hallway Dehumdifiers


Logis-Tech, inc's (LTi) patented Controlled Humidity Protection (CHP) business method known as ESS® (Environment Stabilization System®) is designed to provide the most cost effective equipment protection program in the industry. These systems dramatically reduce maintenance costs and increase equipment utilization and availability.


ESS® systems in government studies have shown a 9-to-1 or higher return on investment (ROI) with capitalization costs recovered in less than one year. ROI and capital recovery depends on the application


Read More About ESS®




For questions or more information about controlling humidity for your application, please contact:


      Dave Powers (703)393-0122







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