Military Relative Humidity Control:

Combat Corrosion  = Combat Readiness


Environment Stabilization Systems (ESS®) are custom tailored to control the customer's selected environment to their unique specifications and requirements. Our experience in high-quality integration of multiple components and systems ensures a high Return on Investment. ESS® applications include controlling complex industrial processes, protection of commercial and personal property, and preservation of sophisticated military weapons systems.



The success of our technologies is highlighted by ESS® phenomenal ten-year average return on investment of 9:1, a performance measure determined independently by several different federal government auditing agencies.


ESS® solutions can include the following components

  • Preservation Envelope - A new or existing permanent or temporary structure, or in some cases the equipment being protected acts as its own envelope, such as an M-1 tank which utilizes ESS® to protect only the interior components.
  • Air Dehydration Unit - which provides reliable humidity controlled, processed air.
  • Guardian™ Data Acquisition and Control System - which provides the sensors and CPU to accurately control and monitor the conditioned environment and maintain it at the most economical level.
  • Battery Preservation System- to eliminate sulfation buildup in batteries and maintain peak charging capacity.













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