Controlling Humidity Means More Predictable Yeilds

All stages of plant growth require proper conditions to succeed.  Whether your application is seed storage, germination, growth, harvesting, drying and/or storage each has its own unique Relative Humidity (RH) requirements and optimum equipment to meet those needs.  Indoor growing of anything from produce, ornamental plants to marijuana all rely on controlling RH.  Humidity is just as important as proper light and CO2 levels, fertilizers and soil conditions.

A properly designed, installed, monitored and maintained Humidity Control System will optimize the moisture side of your growing equation.


Humidity Challenges for Growing Operations

Greenhouse Operations and Grow Rooms need the proper environment for maximum plant yield.  The ambient air must be within the correct temperature and humidity ranges for sprout germination, growth, and budding.

It is not enough to just drop in a Heating and Ventilation System and plug in a dehumidifier.  Improper air movement and ventilation design flaws will not prevent unwanted rot, fungi, and disease from condensation or eliminate stunted growth, shriveling or dead plants from hot and cold spot issues.


Different crops require different environments at different stages.  Different regions of the world need different solutions for power, temperature and humidity control. Different structures need different sealing options, air supply, and distribution solutions.  Different operations have different levels of risk from equipment failures.  Buying and installing an item off the internet without a proper design is a recipe for crop failure.

Logis-Tech has the experience, technologies and product lines to meet your requirements.

Your Benefit

  • Larger Yield from Optimized Grow Production Environment
  • Lower Loss of Plants Due To Rot or Moisture Related Disease
  • Water Recapture Options on Desiccant Models
  • User Adjustable Programming For All Phases of Grow Cycle

Why Logis-Tech?

Our Total Climate Control (TCC ) system can be tailored for small to large spaces to control temperature and humidity and airflow to tight specifications. Our systems can be locally or remotely monitored and controlled. Automated reporting and alerting options allow reaction to issues before they become major issues.

Our systems have been field and battled tested by the US Army, National Guard, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard for over two decades.  We are still maintaining systems we installed over 25 years ago!

Dehumidifiers and Systems



MDU-750PPC 750 CFM Pre and Post Cooled Mobile Dehumidifier


The MDU–750PPC has an output of 750 SCFM and is designed for application on large body aircraft such as the C-130, KC-135 and C-17 on the flight line or in a hangar setting or storage area application. The MDU is fully air transportable and meets all current Military safety and usage requirements for flight line operations or for hangar use or around storage rooms. Equipped with a pre-cooler and post-cooler the MDU provides consistent, reliable moisture removal operations in severe high humidity/high-temperature environments and is applicable to multiple types of large body aircraft by a simple change out of the AIA or for storage area applications utilizing available openings into the controlled space or use of a specialized adapter. 

This MDU is equally well-suited for use on large private and commercial aircraft or storage areas up 7,500 square feet.

The MDU-750PPC is available in 208 - 230/3Phase/50-60Hz, 380VAC/3Phase/50-60Hz or 460VAC/3Phase/50-60Hz models.




Environment Stabilization Systems®


Mobile Dehumidifier


Logis-Tech, inc's (LTi) patented Controlled Humidity Protection (CHP) business method known as ESS® (Environment Stabilization System®) is designed to provide the most cost effective equipment protection program in the industry. These systems dramatically reduce maintenance costs and increase equipment utilization and availability.


ESS® systems in government studies have shown a 9-to-1 or higher return on investment (ROI) with capitalization costs recovered in less than one year. ROI and capital recovery depends on the application


Read More About ESS®




For questions or more information about controlling humidity for your application, please contact:


      Dave Powers (703)393-0122







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